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Hello everyone! This week’s post is dedicated to those who have some questions about which verb to use in the future. We’ll see the main differences between GOING TO and WILL. Basically, GOING TO refers to plans and decisions and WILL refers to uncertain situations in the future.


We use GOING TO:

  • When an action in the future has already been planned or prepared:

I’m going to travel to Europe in the summer.

  • When you are sure about something:

I’m going to work tomorrow.

  • A conclusion regarding an immediate future:

It’s going to rain, the sky is getting dark.

* Remember the formula: to be + going to + verb

We use WILL:

  • When an action in the future is not sure, usually followed by adverbs or expressions of uncertainty (maybe, probably, possibly, I think, I guess, etc):

I guess I’ll just stay home.

  • For predictions about a distant future:

Maybe one day I’ll sell my house and move to the countryside.

  • For quick decisions:

I’ll take it. / I’ll help you. / I’ll be there. / I’ll have a coffee.

  • Important note: WILL abbreviation is ‘LL.

Click here to practice more:

Future GOING TO exercises

Future WILL exercises

WILL x GOING TO exercises

I hope these tips will help you. If you have any questions, leave me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP (as soon as possible)!

Take care!

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