Quantity Expressions

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Expressions of quantity tell us how many or how much of something there is.

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We use a little and much only with non-countable nouns like money, snow, pollution etc.

We use a few and many only with countable nouns like people, cars, books etc.

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Let’s take a look at some expressions of quantity that are used with both countable and non-countable nouns:

Countable and Non-countable Expressions of Quantity


Countable: There aren’t any cookies left. (negative) / Are there any cookies left? (question)

Non-countable: There isn’t any water in the cup. (negative) / Is there any water in the cup? (question)


Countable: There are no dogs in the park.

Non-countable: There is no money in my wallet.


Countable: Some children study here in the mornings. (affirmative)

Non-countable: There is some noise coming from that house. (affirmative)


Countable: There are more students in this school than in that other one.

Non-countable: There is more crime in poor countries than in rich countries.

A lot of / lots of

Countable: She has a lot of / lots of pets.

Non-countable: There’s a lot of / lots of traffic in my city.

Plenty of

Countable: There are plenty of cars on the street.

Non-countable: There is plenty of food in the fridge.


Countable: She keeps most of her books in her backpack.

Non-countable: We spent the most time on the renovations.


Countable: Who ate all the oranges?

Non-countable: Jessica is the one with all the experience.


Countable: There aren’t enough cookies for everyone, we need to buy some more.

Non-countable: There is enough space for both of us.

Click on the exercises below to practice quantity expressions:

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