Some, any, every, no

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We use some and any to talk about indefinite numbers or amounts of things. We can use them with nouns or as pronouns.

Some is used in affirmative sentences: We need to buy some milk.

Any is used questions and negative sentences: I don’t have any cash, do you have any?

* Sometimes any can also be used in affirmative sentences: I really appreciate any help you can give me.

* It’s also right to use some in questions sometimes: Can I have some sugar?


Somebody, anybody, nobody, everybody: are used as singular nouns to refer to people.

I saw somebody at the door. (1 person)

There’s nobody here. (0 people)

Everybody knows that. (all people)

Has anybody seen my wallet? (question)

Obs: Somebody, anybody, nobody and everybody are THE SAME as someone, anyone, no one and everyone.


In conclusion, we use:

someone – anyone – no one – everyone (for people)

something – anything – nothing – everything (for things)

somewhere – anywhere – nowhere – everywhere (for places)


To practice what you have learned, click here.



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