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Hello everyone!

In this post, I would like to suggest a book series called “Short Stories”. I’ve been reading it for the last months to practice French and Spanish and I found it amazing! If you are the kind of person who loves interesting short stories, this book series will be a perfect match for you!

Olly Richards has teamed up with publishing giant Teach Yourself to begin a new chapter in the story of his best-selling books, bringing fun, accessible reading material to language learners around the world.

Stunning new editions of Olly’s original beginner titles are available to order today, with many exciting new features, in over 15 languages, from basic to intermediate level.

The Short Stories for Beginners books help you expand your vocabulary, learn natural grammar and feel a sense of achievement when reading.

Perfect for students from beginner to intermediate level, you’ll finally be able to enjoy reading, grow your vocabulary in a natural way, and improve your comprehension at the same time.

Key Features:

Enjoyable reading practice for high-beginner and low intermediate level language learners (A2-B1 on the CEFR).

Controlled language at your level, including the 1,000 most frequent words in the language, to help you progress confidently from beginner to intermediate.

​Accessible grammar so you learn new structures naturally, without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

​Authentic spoken dialogues to help you learn conversational expressions and improve your speaking ability.

​Chapter summaries and comprehension questions to help you follow the plot and understand the story.

Vocabulary lists so you can quickly look up unfamiliar words without interrupting your flow.

​Audiobook narrations of the stories, so you can listen & read at the same time (sold separately)

Free bonus story​inside the new app!

If you are language student or teacher like me, you will be amazed by what these books can offer! Click HERE to learn more. You can order your books on Amazon’s website and read them through the Kindle App.

To buy the basic level of Short Stories in English, click HERE.

To buy the intermediate level of Short Stories in English, click HERE.

I hope you like this suggestion and enjoy the reading like me!

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