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Hello everyone!

In this post, I would like to recommend some books that have brought me knowledge and inspiration, both in my life and in my profession as an ESL teacher. I will make a brief description of each of them and leave the link to buy them directly if you are interested in any of the titles too.

1. Become an Online English Teacher

This wonderful book was an invaluable tool for me when I decided to immigrate to the world of online classes. The book offers new and experienced online teachers a fantastic range of practical information including: essential online tools and applications; effective tactics for finding students online; actionable steps on how to set up a blog for your service; best practices for promoting your blog; recommended procedures for enrolling new students; efficient methods for processing online payments; practical lesson ideas and resources. This is a one-stop guide to setting up, promoting and delivering a successful online tutoring service which provides even the most experienced teachers with valuable marketing information to help increase their revenue.

2. How to teach English

This amazing book is an essential introduction to the theory and practice of teaching English and illustrates a variety of methods based on the author’s extensive teaching and training experience. Ideas about planning lessons and using books can be put into practice immediately.

3. How to teach English with Technology

This book is a practical guide for teachers who wish to use new technology in the classroom. It looks at current applications, but also helps you prepare for the future. Key Features – CD-ROM with practical demonstrations – Information on how to set up internet-based project work – Instructions on how to use blogs, wikis and podcasts – A guide to producing your own electronic materials, plus advice on how to stay up to date on new technologies.

4. Essentials for Online Course Design

In spite of the proliferation of online learning in higher education, creating online courses can still evoke a good deal of frustration, negativity, and wariness in those who need to create them.

Essentials of Online Course Design takes a fresh, thoughtfully designed, step-by-step approach to online course development. At its core is a set of standards that are based on best practices in the field of online learning and teaching. Pedagogical, organizational and visual design principles are presented and modeled throughout the book and users will quickly learn from the guide’s hands-on approach. The course design process begins with the elements of a classroom syllabus which, after a series of guided steps, easily evolve into an online course outline.

This book serves as a best-practice model for designing online courses. After reading this book, readers will find that preparing for online teaching is, contrary to popular belief, a satisfying and engaging experience. The core issue is simply good design: pedagogical, organizational, and visual.

5. Teaching Languages Online 

The new edition of Teaching Languages Online supports the professional development of language educators as they teach all or part of their courses online. Containing extensive additions, this revised edition includes new models, illustrations and heuristics to further support research-based conceptualization, creativity and practice. In non-technical prose with emphasis on excellence in pedagogical practice, the text takes both the new and experienced language instructor through the nuts and bolts of online teaching practices, using a wide range of examples to illustrate these practices. As well as providing new resources and models, this new edition also considers the impact of broader technological and pedagogical changes, including mobility (learning on the move) and learning in 3D environments.

6. Teaching English one to one

This book was very helpful to me when I decided to move from group classroom lessons to one-on-one or online lessons.

Teaching English to someone on a one-to-one basis is very different to classroom teaching. Priscilla Osborne, author of Teaching English One to One says that one-to one teaching can encompass the best and the worst aspects of teaching. But, armed with the right teaching techniques and approach, it is possible to overcome the challenges of teaching English one to one and for both teacher and student to enjoy the one-to-one teaching experience.

7. Skill Set

This book helps us teachers identify our students’ needs regarding their reading and writing skills and is a great resource for our classes.

Skill Set is for postsecondary students who need to hone their English writing and reading skills in order to meet future academic demands. Students who get unsatisfactory results on an institution’s English writing entrance test take non-credit classes that have been established to help these students transition into this new environment. The classes are a mix of international ESL students, Canadian ESL students, and native speakers.

Skill Set third edition is largely based on our highly successful Skill Set second edition with some notable improvements in organization and ease of use. Some new material has been added, and that includes new readings, mainly newspaper articles. Theme-based units cover a wide range of topics and themes; each unit is structured around the unit theme and has specific communicative goals. In Part One, Skill Development, each unit’s theme is a specific writing skill. Grammar is dealt with as a necessary factor in effective communication, but is not emphasized. In Part Two, Reading Selections, each unit’s topical theme ties the three reading selections (or “articles”) within the unit together. A complete teacher’s resource will be available online.

I hope you liked my suggestions and learn a lot with these amazing books!

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