Animal Slang, Idioms And Expressions

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top-20-disney-animal-characters-eee079fc-7355-41dd-8071-e1cdfab64f02-jpeg-253716Oi pessoal!

Este post é muito divertido fala sobre as expressões derivadas de animais!

Logo abaixo eu disponibilizo uma coletânea das mais comuns no Canadá e Estados Unidos.

I hope you enjoy it!



He eats like a horse, but never gets fat.

I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse!

HOLD YOUR HORSES – seja paciente

Hold your horses! I’ll be done in the in a minute.

HOLY COW! – nossa!

Holly cow! I can’t believe you ate everything on your plate!

LOAN SHARKS – agiotas

Loan sharks charge very high interest for lending money.

TO HAVE A BIGGER FISH TO FRY – ter coisas mais importantes para fazer

Forget it! She has bigger fish to fry.

FISHY – suspeito
That sounds a bit fishy to me.

TO DRINK LIKE A FISH – beber muito

My cousin drank as a fish on his wedding party.

BIRD BRAIN – imbecil

He is such a bird brain!

EARLY BIRD – pessoa que gosta de acordar cedo ou que chega adiantado

The early birds always get the best seats.

TO KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE / SHOT – fazer duas coisas ao mesmo tempo

If you pick up the groceries when you drop George off at school, you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME – um passarinho me disse, fiquei sabendo

A little bird told me you guys are dating.

CHICKS – garotas

Let’s take some chicks to the party.

CHICKEN – medroso

Don’t be a chicken, jump!

NIGHT OWL – pessoa que gosta de ficar acordada até tarde

She is a night owl, she goes to bed after 2am.

TO RAT ON SOMEONE – dedurar alguém

He ratted on his brother.

TO SMELL A RAT – suspeitar de algo

He told me he had done his homework but I could smell the rat.

RAT RACE – competição dentro de uma empresa

I’m ready to move to Mexico and leave this rat race.

TO GIVE A RAT’S ASS – não dar a mínima

I don’t give a rat’s ass!

A FOX – bonito ou bonita

Cameron Diaz is a fox.

FAT AS A PIG – gordo como um porco

He went on a diet to lose weight because his friends said he was fat as a pig.

TO PIG OUT – se empanturrar

The kids pigged out on chocolate cake.

STRONG AS A BULL – forte como um touro

The guy who won the fight was strong as a bull.

MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO – copiar ou imitar alguém

Our one-year-old son is saying bad words now. I told my husband, monkey see, monkey do!

TO RAIN CATS AND DOGS – chover muito

I forgot my umbrella and it’s raining cats and dogs.

TO HAVE ANT’S IN YOUR PANTS – ficar inquieto

Lisa has ants in her pants the day before the interview.

Fonte – Slang Activity book, Jack Scholes – Editora Disal

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