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Hi everyone, this post will help you understand the rules of Comparatives.


We can use comparative adjectives to compare and describe the differences when talking about two things. The second term of comparison is always introduced by “than”.

Toronto is more exciting than Mississauga.

Formation of Comparative Adjectives

To form the comparatives we have to follow some rules:

  • One Syllable adjectives – add “-ER” to the adjective.

TALL – TALLER – She is taller than me.

FAST – FASTER – This car is faster than his.

* We also add “-ER” when the adjective has two syllables and ends in:

-er – clever – cleverer

-le – gentle – gentler

-ow – narrow – narrower

  • Adjectives ending in consonant + Y – change “Y” into “IER”.

HAPPY – HAPPIER – She is happier than before.

HEAVY – HEAVIER – This box is heavier than that one.

  • Long adjectives with 2 syllables or more – add “MORE” before the adjective.

INTELLIGENT – MORE INTELLIGENT – They are more intelligent than us.

BEAUTIFUL – MORE BEAUTIFUL – She is more beautiful than me.

* Irregular Comparatives

good – better

Bad – Worse

Far – farther or further

* Spelling Rules

1) When the adjective ends in “-E”, we only add “R”.


2) When the adjective ends in CVC (consonant + vowel + consonant), we double the consonant.




Click here to do some exercises.

Click HERE to play with Quizlet and practice more!

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