Phrasal Verbs – Communication

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Hi, everyone!

Here is another post about phrasal verbs.

Phrasal verbs are idiomatic phrases consisting of a verb and another element, typically an adverb or a preposition, or a combination of both. They are widely used by native speakers of English so it’s a good idea to try to learn some of them.

We’ll see some of the basic phrasal verbs to describe communication in this post. I’m sure you’ve already heard some or maybe all of them and will be able to understand the meaning by the context, so here we go!



ASK FOR – to say that you would like to speak to someone. (chamar por)

I called the office and asked for the manager.

CALL BACK – to telephone someone again. (ligar de volta)

Can I call you back later?

CALL UP – to telephone someone. (ligar para)

Paul often calls me up for a chat.

COME BACK TO – to discuss a particular subject again. (voltar ao assunto)

We always come back to the same point.

GET BACK TO – to start doing or talk about something once again. (voltar a fazer algo)

I couldn’t get back to sleep.

HANG ON – to wait for a short time – informal. (aguenta aí)

Hang on, I’m not ready yet.

HEAR FROM – to receive a phone call, e-mail or message from someone. (ouvir de)

I don’t hear from him very often, he’s always very busy.

HOLD BACK – to avoid saying or doing something you wanted to. (segurar, aguentar)

She always says what she thinks, without holding back.

HOLD ON – to wait. (esperar)

Hold on a minute, please.

TALK TO / WITH – to have a conversation with someone. (falar com)

I just wanted to / with talk to you.

TURN DOWN – to refuse an invitation, request or offer. (recusar)

I had to turn down an invitation because I was sick.

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