Idioms – Involvement and Interest

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Hey guys!

Everybody knows the importance of learning some idioms and colloquial expressions, especially when you live in a foreign country. We always learn a lot of them by communicating with native speakers or watching movies and series. In this section, you learn some idioms and expressions to communicate in a more natural way when speaking English in a foreign country.

Here are a few Idioms related to the topic Involvement and Interest:


* Not be your cup of tea – when you are not interested in something or someone (não fazer o seu tipo, não ser do seu interesse)

I like reading, but Shakespeare is not my cup of tea.

* Have an axe to grind – to have a particular attitude towards something (ter um assunto para resolver)

We have an axe to grind, I need to speak to him as soon as possible.

* In the picture – to be involved in a situation someone is talking about (estar à par do assunto)

Please keep me in the picture about all details regarding this project.

* Jump on the wagon – to follow the trend or what someone says (seguir a moda, fazer o que os outros estão dizendo)

There will always be people ready to jump on the wagon just to belong to the group.

* Keep a low profile – to avoid being noticed (não chamar a atenção)

You have to keep a low profile when you travel to some countries, it could be dangerous if you show that you have money.

* A labour of love – a task you love doing (um trabalho feito com amor)

She considers her volunteer job as a labour of love.

* Mean business – when you are serious about what you are saying (falar sério)

When he pointed the gun at me I noticed he meant business.

* A nosey parker – when someone wants to know too much about another person (xereta, intrometido)

He is a nosey parker, he likes to spy on his neighbors with binoculars. 

* Poke your nose into something or stick your nose into something – when someone interferes in something that does not concern him / her (meter o nariz onde não foi chamado)

I don’t like to stick my nose into people’s plans. It’s none of my business.

* Steer clear of something – to avoid something (ficar longe de algo)

If you have a sensitive skin, you should steer clear of this kind of soap.

* Try your hand at something – when you try doing something to see if you are good at it (experimentar fazer algo)

When he left school, he tried his hand at many jobs.

* Up to your ears – to be very busy of deeply involved into something (estar cheio de coisas para fazer, estar “por aqui”)

I can’t come to the party, I’m up to my ears in reports.

* Whet someone’s appetite– to make someone want something (provocar, deixar com vontade)

Getting a promotion whetted his appetite for success. 

* Your heart isn’t in something – when you aren’t enthusiastic about something you are doing (não estar interessado emocionalmente em algo)

She was successful in the company, but her heart wasn’t into it. She wanted to be a musician instead.

I hope you learned some new idioms today, see you next time!

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