PHRASAL VERBS – Clothing & Fashion

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Hi, everyone!

Here is another post about phrasal verbs.

Phrasal verbs are idiomatic phrases consisting of a verb and another element, typically an adverb or a preposition, or a combination of both. They are widely used by native speakers of English so it’s a good idea to try to learn some of them.

We’ll see some of the basic phrasal verbs to describe Clothing & Fashion in this post. I’m sure you’ve already heard some or maybe all of them and will be able to understand the meaning by the context, so here we go!

DO UP – to fasten zippers and buttons (fechar zíper, botões)
Come on honey, let grandma do up your coat.

DRESS UP – to wear formal clothes (vestir roupa formal, de gala)

For those not wanting to dress up, the restaurant has a casual dress code.

PUT ON  – to wear clothes, accessories (vestir, colocar)

She put on a pretty dress to wear to the party.

GO WITH – to match clothes, colors, etc (combinar)

These shoes go with that handbag.

HAVE ON – to be wearing clothes, accessories (estar vestindo)

I have my socks on because my feet are cold.

PICK OUT – to choose, select (selecionar, escolher)

She picked out a nice pair of shoes to wear at the party.

PULL OFF – to take off clothes or accessories quickly (tirar, despir-se)

He pulled off his socks.

PULL ON – to put on clothes or accessories quickly (vestir, calçar, pôr, colocar)

He pulled his shirt and pants on.

SHOW OFF – to show, display proudly (mostrar-se, exibir-se)

He’s showing off to impress her.

TAKE IN – to make an item smaller and tighter (apertar, ajustar)

He lost so much weight that he had to take in all his pants.

TAKE UP – to make an item shorter (encurtar)

I can take up those shorts for you.

TRY ON – to test for fit (provar, experimentar)

I tried the shirt on and decided I didn’t like it.

WEAR OUT  – to destroy through use (desgastar, furar, deteriorar-se)

Our children have worn out the knees of their trousers.

WRAP UP – to cover or dress in warm clothing (embrulhar, agasalhar-se)

Wrap up if you’re going outside – you don’t want to catch a cold.

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