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Hello everyone!

In this post I’d like to introduce you to my Instagram, @cinthiasenglishclass. If you are looking for daily English tips to keep learning more, this is definitely a great suggestion for you, especially if you are a Brazilian or Portuguese student, as some of the posts are translated into Portuguese.

As everyone loves to spend time on Instagram, I decided to open an account some years ago and since then I have been creating some posts with English tips to help my students get better at communicating in English.

I try to follow a monthly planning and post about different subjects every week based on my student’s needs. Here are some of the topics you can usually find there: idioms, expressions, phrasal verbs, prepositions, mini biographies, etc.

Besides that, you can also learn about Canada, Canadian English and local customs, travel tips and some helpful information about how to study in order to achieve the best scores in the Canadian English language test – Celpip.

There is much more, but I’m not going to tell you all… Instead, how about following me to keep up-to-date and learn every day with a lot of amazing tips?

I hope you join me there!

See you on the next post! 🙂

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