Idioms and Phrasal Verbs to talk about Driving and Journeys

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Hey guys!

Everybody knows the importance of learning some phrasal verbs, idioms and colloquial expressions, especially when you live in a foreign country. We always learn a lot of them by communicating with native speakers or watching movies and series. In this post, you learn some phrasal verbs, idioms and expressions to communicate in a more natural way when speaking English in a foreign country.

block sb in – stop sb from moving their car.

Another car had parked behind me and blocked me in.

* cut in on sb – move suddenly in front of a vehicle, leaving little space between the two vehicles.

He was trying to cut in in front of me / on me but I didn’t let him to.

* flag sb down – signal to a driver to stop by waving at them.

I managed to flag down a passing police car.

* pull over – move to the side of the road to stop or let sth pass.

Just pull over here, and I’ll get out and walk the rest of the way.

 * get from A to B – travel from one place to another.

We will take three days to get from A to B by car.

* as the crow flies – in a straight line.

It was 150 miles inland from Boston as the crow flies.

* at a snail’s pace – very slowly.

My grandpa used to drive at a snail’s pace.

* miles from anywhere – in the countryside, a long way from a town.

His farm is located miles from anywhere.

* step / move up a gear – start working more effectively or faster.

I hurt my finger with the hammer and it might swell up.

* give sb a green light – give sb / sth permission to do or start sth.

My parents gave me the green light to live by myself.

* the end of the road / line – the point at which you can no longer continue in the same way.

We’ve struggled on for as long as we could, but now we’re at the end of the road / line.

I hope you learned some new phrasal verbs and idioms today, see you next time!

Source: Idioms and Phrasal Verbs – Advanced / Ruth Gairns and Stuart Redman – Oxford

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