Olá pessoal!

This blog will help you find some interesting activities to practice Portuguese and improve your communication skills.

On the right side bar of this website you can see a category called Learn Portuguese. In this category, you will find some suggestions and tips to improve your skills in Portuguese and complement your studies with inspiring lessons and activities. Here, I’ll give you a brief explanation about what kind of activities you can find in this section

BOOK REVIEW – In this category, you will find some suggestions of excellent books to help you on your English or Portuguese studies.

BIOGRAFIAS – In this category, you will learn about some famous people in Brazil and Portugal while you practice Portuguese.

CONVERSAÇÃO – In this category, you will find some conversation topics to practice Portuguese with your friends or teacher.

NOTÍCIAS – In this category, you will be able to keep informed about some international news in Portuguese and practice with complementary reading comprehension and vocabulary activities.

VOCABULÁRIO – In this category, ou will find some activities and word lists to enrich your vocabulary in Portuguese and improve your communication skills to speak about different subjects.