Relative Pronouns and Clauses

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Hello everyone!

In this post we are going to learn how to use Relative Pronouns and Clauses in English.

We use relative pronouns in relative clauses. We use relative clauses to give more information about something, without having to start a new sentence.


The man over there is called Bill Gates. He started Microsoft.

The man over there, who‘s called Bill Gates, started Microsoft.

* Who and that are used for people:

What’s the name of the man who/that created the internet?

* Which and that are used for things and animals:

The experiment which/that worked was the last one.

* Where is used for places:

This is the town where I was born.

* Whose is used for possessions:

This is the man whose sister is my neighbour.

Special Rules

* We can use who for animals when we give them a personality.

Our dog, who‘s called Bonno, is eight years old.

* When there is a relative pronoun, remember not to repeat the subject / object.

This is the name of the man who he created the first computer.


Let’s practice?

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